RHEA:12675          (APPROVED)

a nitrile + H2O => an aliphatic amide

Last modified: 2016-03-21Chemically balanced: yesQualifiers: Class of reactions

Formula: CH2NOR
Charge: 0
(no structure available)
Formula: CNR
Charge: 0
(no structure available)
Formula: H2O
Charge: 0
(no structure available)

Same participants, different directions

RHEA:12673 an aliphatic amide = a nitrile + H2O
RHEA:12674 an aliphatic amide => a nitrile + H2O
RHEA:12676 an aliphatic amide <=> a nitrile + H2O


"Cloning and sequencing of a nitrile hydratase gene from Pseudonocardia thermophila JCM3095."
Yamaki T., Oikawa T., Ito K., Nakamura T.
J. Ferment. Bioeng. 83:474-477(1997)

Structural and functional model systems for analysis of the active center of nitrile hydratase
Yano, T.; Ozawa, T.; Masuda, H.; Chem. Lett. 37, 672-677 (2008)

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