Web services

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Search for reactions, where query is the search term.
Ex: /rest/1.0/ws/reaction?q=caffeine

Search for reactions in a concrete format, where format is one of the supported formats (see below) and query is the search term.
Ex: /rest/1.0/ws/reaction/cmlreact?q=caffeine

Retrieve a concrete reaction for the given id in the given format.
Ex: /rest/1.0/ws/reaction/cmlreact/10280
Ex: /rest/1.0/ws/reaction/biopax2/10280

Types of requests and responses:

Request Response format Response MIME type format Notes
Searches XML (schema here) application/xml If specified, either biopax2 or cmlreact. Mandatory parameter q.
Returns only identifiers of reactions with undefined direction, with links to the corresponding (bi)directional ones.
Entry (RXN) RXN CTfile chemical/x-mdl-rxnfile rxn
Entry (BioPAX level 2) BioPAX level 2 application/rdf+xml biopax2
Entry (CMLReact) CMLReact (schema here) chemical/x-cml cmlreact

Java client

There is a Java implementation of a client for Rhea web services. The source code can be checked out using subversion with the following command line:

svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/rhea-ebi/code/trunk/rhea-ws-client

and built using maven.